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2017-Lawn Mower Rules

Director: Roy MacDonald


Youth (kids) class : 7-12;  JR Class : 13-17

Single Cylinder engine max HP 14.5 flat head or single over head

Engine Pulley 5″

Transmission no smaller than 3″ Transmission Pulley

Both pulley’s must be same 1/2 or 5.8 with matching belt size no mixing of Pulleys or belts

Max tire size 18″

Engine must be stock

Must have kill switch tether

Brakes must work

Stock exhaust on youth tractors


Single Cylinder Class:

Must be at least 18 yrs old

Max HP 17.5

No pulley restrictions

Boring allowed .30

All internal modifications must be OEM

Aluminum fly wheels allowed

No handle bars


Flat Heads:

Must be 18 yrs old

Max HP: 13.5

No pulley restrictions

No handle bars


Super Mod :

must be 18 yrs old

Max HP: 25

Lawn mower engine

Belt or chain driven

No handle bars

At least 60% lawn mower

No side shaft motors allowed

No alcohol motors allowed

Lawn Mower Carburetors ONLY


Women’s Class

Must be at least 18 years old

Max HP 1705

No Pulley restrictions

Boring allowed .30

All internal modifications must be OEM

Aluminum fly wheel allowed

No handle bars


Unlimited Class:

Must be at least 18 years old

All side shaft motors

All alcohol ran motors/any fuel allowed

Any motor hat does not present a lawn mower motor

Must be at least 60% lawn mower

44 cu” limited equivalent to a 100 HP

Driver Apparel:

1-Helmet will be 2010 Snell approved and up with Full Face Shield refer to Track Rules   **no goggles allowed**

2-Neck Brace

3-Chest protector

4-Work boots

6-Long sleeve shirt and pants with NO HOLES **fire jacket is recommended

7-Leather or racing style gloves


Mower Specifications:

1- No sharp edges or loose parts

2- All added parts must be welded or bolted securely

3- Cutting of the hood, dash, box, fenders or grill to lower for stability or clearance is allowed

4- Lawn mower style tire only 18″ max

5- Right side tires must have tubes if using steel rims. Aluminum may ruin tubeless

6- Double rims allowed

7- Recommended to have right side rims reinforced

8- Spindle bending allowed must be reinforced

9- Brakes must work and stop machine

10- Throttle must work free and return to idle

11- Working tether kill switch and must be attached to driver when machine is moving


12- Fuel line must have shut off and clamps at all joints and easy access

13- Fuel tank and battery must be secured and in safe location

14- Hood must be secured so can’t open or come off while racing

15- Shifting knob can’t be below chassis or box, must be free from belts and pulleys

16- Muffler or straight pipe must be pointed in safe direction

17- max width of machine 45″

18- All tires and rims must be secured by 3/16 size nut and bolt or snap pin

19- Governors allowed but not necessary

20 – All alcohol run motors will be unlimited

21 – Any motor that does not represent a lawn mower motor will be considered an unlimited

22 – All side shaft motors will be considered an unlimited

23 – ONE-WAY RADIOS mandatory.  Starlite Speedway has them for purchase or rental

24 – All drivers must read Starlite Track Rules


ALL Machines must pass safety tech before they can race or go out on track.