Go Kart Rules

Director for the Go Karts is 

Director is Josh Mazzarella  607-346-7395

Co-Director is Dave Carpenter 607-738-4509

2017  Kart Official Rules




Rulebook It is up to everyone entering the track to read all rules and be knowledgeable of the rules.


Go-Kart By definition a go-kart is a vehicle manufactured for the purpose of racing and must be a racing frame.


Arriving at the Track If you arrive at the track after your class heats have already been set up you will start scratch in the heat.


Safety Is our main concern. Therefore we are asking all drivers to have a fire extinguisher that will put out an alcohol fuel fire in their pit area, should you choose not to comply with this rule you are assuming total responsibility for your own safety. Go-Karts that come to Starlite Speedway to race must be in SAFE race ready condition! It is the Kart owner/drivers responsibility to insure that there go-kart is in SAFE working condition.


Driver Apparel

  1. Helmet will be 2010 Snell approved and up with Full Face Shield refer to Track Rules


  1. Full coverage driver wear including: Sturdy shoes, socks over the ankle, racing jacket, long pants and gloves  are required.  NO Hoodies, No sweatpants, and NO holes in jeans)


  1. Neck brace designed for racing is required.


  1. Arm sleeve is recommended but no required.


  1. Elbow pad for right elbow is recommended but not required.


  1. Chest and rib protective jacket is recommended but not required.


  1. Long hair must be well-secured and kept under helmet and No hoodies permitted.


  1. No loose clothing while racing! This is to ensure safety.


9.  No hoodies



See attached Engine Rules for classes


Kid Classes: $10.00 Entry Fee per class


Stock Novice age 5 – 8 – Weight for all 225 lbs
Flathead Purple Plate Pump Gas only
Clone  .375 Red plate  Drum clutch, Big pipes per AKRA pipe rules


 Jr 1 – age 9-11 weight for all is 270 lbs

Flathead – . purple plate

Clone – .425 Green plate, drum clutch, big pipes per AKRA pipe rules

Animal – 3 hole  Purple Plate Meth 


Jr 2 age 10-13 – Weight for all 290 lbs.
Flathead –  . Blue Plate meth
Clone – .500 Purple 
Plate,  Drum clutch, Big pipes per AKRA pipe rules

Animal – 2 hole Purple Plate 


Jr 3 age 12 -15Weight for all 310 lbs- can run the steering wheel flaring
Flathead  – Gold Plate
Clone – .550 Blue Plate  Drum clutch, Big pipes per AKRA pipe rules
Animal –  single hole Gold Plate 


Clone Lite Novice – age 15 – adult – Weight for all 350 lbs – This class is a stepping stone from Jr 3 and first time Karter not wanting to run in either the clone lite, clone heavy or clone super heavy.  Same rules as clone lite class.                       THIS IS A NO POINT CLASS AND MUST HAVE 4 KARTS TO RUN EACH WEEK.

If a driver is 15 yrs of age the driver has to commit to either a Jr. class or Adult class, there is no going back once you have moved up to adult class




Adult Classes: $20.00 Entry per class with Payout  ages 15 and up


Clone Lite

Weight – Flatheads 330 min. lbs.

Weight – Clones and Animal 350 min. lbs.

Animals must run a single-hole .550 black restrictor plate

Clones- will run under AKRA Pro Clone Rules with any any clutch and large pipe with a stock RLV inch and five sixteenth muffler.


Clone Heavy

Weight – Flatheads 365 min lbs 

Weight- Clones and Animal  375 min lbs

Animals must run a single-hole .550 black restrictor plate

Clones  will run under AKRA Pro Clone Rules with any clutch and large pipe with a stock RLV inch and five sixteenth muffler.



Clone Super Heavy Stock

Weight of driver 200 with racing gear car with driver 400 lbs

Weight – Flatheads 390 min lbs

Weight- Clones and Animal  400 min lbs 

Animals must run a single hole .550 black restrictor plate

Clones  will run under AKRA Pro Clone Rules with any clutch and large pipe with a stock RLV inch and five sixteenth muffler.



  1. Engines allowed:

Any single cylinder 4 cycle flathead horizontal shaft motor up to 27 CI.

Any single cylinder 4 cycle horizontal shaft OHV motor up to 27 CI.

Any single cylinder 2 cycle motor of no more than 135CC up to 37 CI this is on a weekly basis.

For Special Races weekly CC rules do not apply for 2 cycle motors.

  1. Fuel is either methanol or gasoline with oil for 2 cycles and methanol for 4 cycles.

  1. No pressurized fuel systems

  1. Any header is allowed

  1. Any clutch is allowed.

  1. Billet flywheels are mandatory. No cast iron flywheels.

  1. No ram air induction.

  1. Combined kart/driver min. weight 365 lbs

  1. All weights must be double nutted painted white and the number of the kart on them

  1. Age 16 and up




  1. Engine must start as a stock flathead 5 hp Briggs and Stratton, Animal or Clone
  2. Block may be decked. Any popup is allowed.
  3. Block can be ported and polished.
  4. Must use stock style carburetor and tank combo. Carburetor may be machined to improve flow. No billet aftermarket carburetors. No newer ventri style carburetors. No welding of carburetor except to plug OEM choke holes. Products like JB WELD can be used to fix cracks or plug choke holes in carburetor. It cannot be used to build up a carburetor to be bored bigger. CRACKS and PLUGGING HOLE ONLY!
  5. No pressurized fuel systems.
  6. Connecting rod and piston is non-tech item.
  7. Any cam is allowed.
  8. Oversize valves allowed, any valve springs are allowed, dual springs are legal. Aftermarket breather allowed. Stock or single plate breather only. No ARC breathers.
  9. Billet lifters are allowed.
  10. Stock stroke crank only (2.4375 +/- .010)
  11. Head is stock appearing. May be relieved to make clearance for valves. NO re-positioning of spark plug hole.
  12. Lifter bores may be welded for strength and cut for cam lift clearance.
  13. Flywheel must be stock 5 hp flywheel. NO machining at all may have rare earth magnets Installed or Billet aluminum A.R.C. Par # 6608, Clements Flywheel Part # BAFWL and # FWSLTD, J.R. Racecar flywheel part # 555-3284 or United machine and Fabrication Part # 1001. If Stock flywheel is utilized engine must have scatter shield in place over flywheel shroud.
  14. Any header is allowed.
  15. Fuel is methanol (ONLY)
  16. Any clutch is allowed.
  17. Combined kart/driver min. weight 340 lbs
  18. All weights must be double nutted painted white and the number of the kart on them
  19. Age 15 and up




  1. All karts must have a chain guard, which is designed to retain a broken chain.


  1. Floor pans must be within one inch of the frame from the front of the seat forward.


  1. Seats must securely locate the driver laterally and longitudinally. Seat must be of one-piece molded construction with no peaks or add in sections. Seat must be securely bolted to frame and not be adjustable while kart is in motion. No portion of the seat shall be located rearward of the vertical plane of the rear axle.


  1. Fuel tanks must be securely bolted to the floor pan beneath the steering shaft unless it is an integral part of the engine. Only one fuel tank with a maximum seven-quart capacity. Fuel lines will be of adequate length to connect fuel tank and carburetor. Excessive fuel line will not be permitted. No pressurized fuel systems allowed. Exception for FlatHeads.


  1. Header must extend past fuel tank but not past rear bumper. No sharp edges. If no muffler or bugle tip is used then header must have minimum of 1.990 outside diameter by .075 thick washer at the end of the pipe. Header support brace required. All pipes must be in a secure fixed position.


  1. Kart must have a minimum of rear brakes. All brake bolts and supports will be pinned or wired and that a rotor guard plate be installed. All karts are required to have a brake rotor guard or Wofle plate.


  1. Front bumpers are required. Rear bumpers are required. Nerf bars are required. *on all restricted kids classes Rear Bumper will be from tire to tire.*


  1. No 3.5 hp flywheels unless they are approved billet Aluminum and approved for the class.


  1. Front spindles must be keyed and pinned.


  1. Rear axle must have snap rings on both sides.


  1. Steering wheel nut must be keyed or pinned. The three bolts that hold the steering wheel to the hub must be keyed or pinned. All tie-rod bolts must be keyed or pinned.


  1. All bodies, side panels and nose pieces must be securely mounted.


  1. Kart numbers must be at least 6 on nose, both side panels and rear number plate. Solid Colors  No Metallic unless outlined in a Solid Color. If the scorers cannot see your numbers properly you will be asked to change them. If you do not comply, within two (2) weeks then you simply will not be scored!!!


  1. All karts are required to have a brake rotor guard or Wofle plate.


  1. No limited slip or free-floating hubs. All rear wheel hubs will be locked to the axle to turn with axle during racing.


  1. All weights must be double nutted using a min of 5/16 bolt and painted white and the number of the kart on them


17.  One way radios are required.





Green Flag signifies the official start of the event. Green may be followed by an immediate yellow for complete restart at the discretion of the Head flagger. On a caution lap restart, race will resume immediately when green flag is displayed.


Yellow Flag signifies track is not clear. Karts must reduce speed and remain in position, NO PASSING IS ALLOWED. Do not race back to the Caution Flag!


Red Flag signifies automatic halting of the race. All karts must come to complete stop in a safe orderly manner. Race will be restarted at the last lap finished under green.


Black Flag rolled and pointed at a driver signifies a warning for rough riding or unsafe driving. A Black Flag waved at a driver signifies that they are disqualified from the heat or feature and must retire to the infield or pits in a safe manner. A Black Flag may be thrown if a kart has mechanical difficulties. If violation is remedied the kart may return, under the track official’s discretion. A kart leaving the track to go into the pits may NOT reenter the race. NO exceptions!


White Flag signifies on lap remains before race is to start or that one lap remains before the completion of the race. If a yellow flag is thrown during the white flag lap the race will start on the last lap completed.


Checkered Flag signifies completion of event.


Flaggers and Track Officials

Under NO circumstances is anyone to argue with or approach the flaggers or scorers. Their decisions are final and any driver caught in violation will be disqualified from the day’s events. Any non-driver caught in violation will be asked to leave the track.


Restart After One Lap Complete

Line up in single file line in the order of the last lap complete. Drivers are responsible of knowing their position. Hold your spot if you believe you belong there; the track officials will make the final decision.


Three Yellow Rule

If you cause three yellow flags you will be Black Flagged.



All reentries returning from the center of the track after minor repairs shall start at the rear. Karts may only reenter under caution at the flagger’s discretion. If you leave the race to go into the pits for repair there is NO reentry. NO repairs are to be done at the front of pit area on gate and then return!


Track and Infield

  1. Only authorized personal shall be in the infield or on the track at any time during the racing program.  Assign adult in mid-section for re-starts.


  1. If your kart stalls before the green flag flies (in the pits or on the track) you will have a five (5)-lap cushion to start in your original position, otherwise you must enter the race on the green flag lap or be DNS (Did Not Start).

**Adults will be assigned in mid-field for the re-starts.  If driver’s  parents don’t want their driver started by the parent volunteer or the assigned 4-wheeler operator then their driver will be DNF or DNS.


  1. After race has started if your kart should stall you must go to the center of the racetrack and be restarted (except in the case of a red flag). It is not the track’s personnel responsibility to restart your kart. If able to restart the kart must pull back on the track on the straightaway giving right of way to the racers on the track and must go to the back of the pack if during yellow flag.


  1. All restarts after the first lap is completed will be single file.


  1. If you change a motor of a kart because of mechanical problems or there is a driver change you must start at the rear of your next race. Track Secretary (or Treasurer prior to the race) at the sign in shack MUST BE NOTIFIED or you will be DQ. The line up of positions follows the original driver not the kart.


  1. Heat line-ups will be drawn each week. Feature line up will be done in order of finish of heats.


  1. Continual ill handling will result in a Black Flag. Disqualification or suspension.




  1. Protest must be submitted on an official Starlite Protest Form within 15 minutes of the finish of the race being protested.


  1. Protest forms can be obtained in the sign in shack and must be resubmitted with a $100.00 cash protest fee-both motors will be torn down of the protester and the protested- if the protested is found legal then he will get the $75.00 and $25.00 will go to the tech person. If the protested is found illegal the blatant cheating rules will apply and the protester will get the $75.00 and tech will get the $25.00


  1. If protesting a competitor’s engine, it must be in the same class and the protester’s engine will also be impounded and checked for legality first


Awards and Payouts


  1. Payouts off the adult classes will be halfway for even number of entries and halfway plus one (1) for odd number of entries.


  1. Kid’s class’s places – members have plagues and non-members get trophies


  1. Need to race four (4) races prior to Mid-Season to qualify for a Trophy and four (4) races (which Mid-Season can count as one) prior to End-Season to qualify for that Trophy. And the trophies will be handed out after the races.  All drivers wishing to compete for points and trophies must sign up as a Starlite member before June 3, 2017.


  1. To receive award in any class at the end of the season, you need at least 6 races in that class.


Drivers Meeting

It is mandatory that all drivers attend drivers meeting unless otherwise instructed by a track official. Failure to comply may result in disqualification or suspension.

After Race Inspection

  1. All karts in all classes must weigh in after the features. If you fail to weigh in after the race you will be disqualified from that race and lose any award.
  1. After the feature the classes to be teched will be directed to the impound area, failure to go directly to the impound area will result in disqualification.
    1. First refusal to tech will be the next time the kart or driver returns to the track it will be mandatory tech night even if the class is not teched.
    2. Second refusal to tech is 2 weeks off.
    3. Third refusal to tech is don’t come back!
    4. If class you raced in is getting teched and kart/driver is under weight, the committee can still ask you to tech the engine. The same procedure from A, B and C will apply.
    5. Not stopping to get weighed after a feature and finishing in the top five will result in applying A, B or C.
  1. The tech committee will decide which classes will be teched each night. Up to 3 classes could be teched but it is up to the Committee how many classes are teched.
  1. Two (2) people will be doing tech. If there is any question of legality occurs members of the tech committee will make the final decision.



This is a family sport; fighting and excessive foul language is prohibited. Anyone using foul language at any track official will result in automatic one-week suspension.


Arguing with track official is prohibited! If you have a problem bring it to the track officials attention calmly after the days races are over. If you choose to bring it to any track official in any manner other than in a calm fashion you will be asked to leave the track until further notice. This rule applies to all drivers, parents, and /or spectators, there is a zero tolerance policy with this rule. Constructive criticism delivered with appropriate tact is welcomed.


We would like to thank everyone for coming to our track. Bear with us as we are growing and changes are apt to be made. In the event that rules are added or changed all drivers will be made aware of the change at the drivers meetings. There will also be a posting of any changes on the sign in building. All drivers must follow the same rules. We are looking forward to seeing everyone this year.



  1. There will be weighing after heats and features.
  2. Everybody that runs gas will be using 87 octane pump gas. Tech man will have on hand some 87 octane (for those that forget to bring some), and Methanol.
  3. No colored fuel. – Methanol
  4. No full fairings over legs, but small ones on steering columns is allowed AKRA.   No portion of the steering fairing may be located within 3.0 of any part of the steering wheel.  Fairings may not cover sight of feet from above view.
  5. All karts will have a nose cone that protects the feet, but the feet can still be seen from above at a slight angle. Also side panels are to be in place.
  6. If your class is being teched, you need to go to the tech man to get a slip to receive your award for that night of racing. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. All guards will be in place. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. Mufflers with round holes are the only one that can be used.
  9. All weights must be doubled nutted with 5/16th minimum bolt, painted white and the number of the kart on them.
  10. One-way radios are mandatory 



1st time- 1 week off plus fifty dollar fine before you can race

2nd time- 2 weeks off plus a one hundred dollar fine before you can race

3rd time – you will not be able to race for the rest of the season